About Us

Here at Kennedy, our mantra is simple:

It should be summer all year long.

We’re all about celebrating good times and having fun. You know that feeling you get on Memorial Day, with the expanse of sunshine, beach days, and parties laid out in front of you? That’s Kennedy.

That sense of euphoria when you’re about to crush a beer pong tournament, destroying your friends and flexing your prowess? That’s Kennedy.

When you take over a room in your best shorts, straight up flexin’, and the hot blonde in the bikini catches your eye? You guessed it, that’s Kennedy.

We’re built for day drinking. No need to wait all year for that feeling, let's make some magic.




Sizing Chart


Shorts + Swim

Kennedy Size Waist Size (Inches)
Small 28-30"
Medium 31-33"
Large 34-36"
X-Large 37-40"