4 Unforgettable Ways To Spend New Years Eve

by Chuck DeMonte December 02, 2016

4 Unforgettable Ways To Spend New Years Eve

New Years Eve means many different things to people. A time to party, a time spend with family, a time to be grateful, and many other things. No matter the meaning for you though, many of us can agree it is a time to celebrate and to look forward to new beginnings. So we wanted to put together a list of some incredible ways to celebrate and rock in the new year with style!

4. Throw a Themed Costume Party

Who says costume parties are only for Halloween? Not where we come from. Any time is a good time to throw a costume party, and if you really want to make it fun and interesting make it a funny theme. Snuggies & Huggies always works. You can either wear a snuggie (underwear/bras permitted), or an adult diaper (again, underwear allowed).

3. Do it Alaskan Style

Some times cool means doing something not many people are or will ever see. Except you, you well traveled, cultured son of a bitch. That is why going to the Torchlight Parade in Girdwood Alaska where around 300 skiers and snowboarders descend the mountain carrying bamboo torches illuminating the slopes and at midnight, ring in the new year with the biggest fireworks show in Alaska is something you need to do. 

2. Go to Time Square

It's super cliché and we know that but c'mon ringing in the new year in the epicenter of the world with a million people screaming at the top of there lungs, 10, 9, 8... that is definitely a rush and something you soon won't forget. And the way this weather has been so far you might not have to freeze your buddies off doing it.

1. Embrace the New Year with An Incredible Sunrise

Wether you like to party on New Years Eve, be alone, or spend it some other way, we don't think you can deny that spending it watching the sunrise at the Grand Canyon isn't friggin epic, and a memory that will last you a life time! And if you really need to party, put some baileys in your coffee after you leave.

Chuck DeMonte
Chuck DeMonte

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